Whats in my bag

Here’s a snapshot of whats currently in my bag.

  1. Kenneth Cole leather messenger bag.

  2. Asus power supply.

  3. Smart card reader.

  4. Asus cable pouch, includes USB ethernet and HDMI to VGA dongles.

  5. RSA SecureID.

  6. I always have some sort of a book, currently Brain Rules.

  7. Umbrella, because it always rains in Seattle.

  8. My Asus Zenbook.

  9. Logitech laptop mouse.

  10. Nokia lumia 920.

  11. Screen wipes, required for touch devices.

  12. Parker pen.

  13. Lock picking set, because you never know.

  14. Nivea deoderant, please don’t be that guy in the office.

  15. Wallet.

  16. iPhone 6.

My Bag

I hope you enjoyed this.

Written on October 19, 2014