This is how I work

I was always a fan of the The Setup, this is currently my home work space.

By day I run highly scalable online services for Microsoft for millions of customers, this is defiently one of the most challenging jobs I have ever done, by night I spend time with my family and when time allows work on various projects from development to securing web applications.

My Office

My primary laptop is a Asus Zenbook prime, this is my road warrior running multiple virtual machines for various projects.

My desktop is a AMD DYI build thats a few years but its trusty, also used as a Hyper-V host and primary machine for when I need more real estate.

I use Mouse without Borders to control both machines from a single keyboard and mouse, it speeds up my productivity and allows me to quickly move between tasks.

My Office 2

I currently have a Nokia Lumia 920, but soon to be a owner of the anticipated iPhone 6, I decided to go with a 64GB space grey 4.7’’ model mainly for its camera and build quality.

This blog runs on Jekyll behind Amazon S3 with Cloudfront for its CDN and Route53 for my DNS zone delegation, this is a very minimal no-server required setup that I love.

I primarly use Sublime text or Notepad++ for all my blog entries, dev and other tasks, Spotify or Pandora for my music.

Written on September 28, 2014