The window office effect

All large corporations have been a victim of the window office effect. No I’m not referring to the common glass ceiling that you might be thinking.

The reference I’m talking about is the most senior people take to have the best offices in the building, aka “the window office”. Well what does that mean for the rest of folks still working as hard, still putting in the hours and still not seeing day light since during the winter times at least here in Seattle you arrive in the office when its dark and you leave when it’s dark.

Some might argue that “you need to put in the time newbie” or “you need to earn that badge” and that is fair, but when the window office effect becomes something so part of the company culture the values of the people change, Houston we have a problem!

People tend to drift apart, there is no central hub for creativity and communication to happen - project will simply become irrelevant to the person.

You don’t believe me - when was the last time you have talked the officemate three offices down, seriously have a real talk about family, the weather or how close the Seahawks where to winning the Super Bowl.

Companies need to really re-think and adopt a different culture, for the bigger players that’s probably too late - but for a small startup that is expanding, it’s the difference from lasting to ‘yeah I remember those guys’.

Final thoughts

Keep creativity flowing by enabling employees to communicate in a central hub, employees will be more happy, the company will thrive and your customers will be delighted as a result.

Written on February 7, 2015