Starting a business

The decision to start something has been on my mind for a long time. And although this is not my first endeavor I’ve taken all the previous lessons and applied them here. Starting from scratch is not easy on anything that you do, perseverance and staying true to yourself without distractions will serve you good.

So here’s my quick tips when starting up:

Big decision? Sleep on it.

Can’t decide on the logo or color of your brand, give is some time by moving away from the subject - go for a run, spend some time with family or just sleep on it. When your mind is fresh you will make the right decision.

Check, Check and check again.

Hiring a developer to help you with a piece of code? How about acquiring a part that is needed? Always check your local resource first, from friends and family to craigslist to just plain research online. Triple check your purchases and vet with a close source to ensure you are on track and thinking of this problem at the right angle.

Track your spending.

You will spend money, no doubt about it. Small business owners can get trapped in this game, keep track of your expenses by utilizing online tools, a spreadsheet or some other centralized location. This needs to be accessible everywhere you go so you can easily update it.

Trust your vision and grit.

You will be stronger and go faster and further when you trust your vision and grit. Stay at it, make progress every day and your dream will come to life.

Final thoughts

I hope this to be somewhat useful, it’s definitely helped me stay on track and make progress, and this is simply the beginning - lots of more lessons to come and soon a brick and mortar business that will reflect my DNA.

Written on March 19, 2015