My first ebook on Jekyll and blogging like a hacker

After seeing a gap in the documentation, I decided to write an eBook to help people get started with this new platform. This blog was created using the popular Jekyll and it hosted on Amazon for pennies a day, if you compare that with options like - you simply can’t beat it. For example will place ads into your blog for their free tier, what are we here geocities (if you don’t know geocities you are not old enough).


The story behind the eBook

I wanted a professional, yet clean site that I control and manage without the extra pains that come with managing it. Well Jekyll and Amazon are currently doing that for me. But there was a cost associated with that, and I don’t mean paying for hosting which as you see below is not much.

I’m talking about the learning curve that required for me to learn about Jekyll and how awesome it is, along with getting all the Amazon configurations correct, and although there is plenty of documentations and blog posts on this around, I was not able to find a good cheap reliable source that would combine all that into a single document.

The 28 page eBook that I titled “Jekyll - Blog Like a Hacker: How to Start A Blog In 15 minutes A Day” is a short and to the point eBook on how to get started from getting a domain to configuring Jekyll and hosting on the super-fast Amazon cloud. I received great feedback from a small audience of friends and after lots of edits and reviews I decided to setup a site and help people go through the process with less friction as possible.

The result is:

Writing an eBook

Well the process of this wasn’t as easy as it sounds, it took me over 6 hours of writing combined. It required me to ensure the setup process had no errors, so I did the install from start-to-finish on a clean virtual machine myself and required about two bottles of a good Malbec.

A key aspect on my eBook is being frugal and I try to get you started with as little money down as possible, yet offer you a professional always on cloud hosted solution - not the cheap stuff.

And as you can see for my bill on October I paid Amazon $1.78, super cheap but even for a larger business or blog the costs are small.

My Bill

Final thoughts

I hope you do use the eBook and provide me feedback on the content via @imastrogiannis. As a bonus if you provide proof of purchase and you can’t figure out a part of you are simply stuck I will personally help you, just send me a message on Twitter and we will setup a Skype call to go over the process.

I hope you enjoyed this.

Written on November 8, 2014