My favorite podcasts and how they changed me

What podcasts in this day and age? There is something about the simplicity of audio and how much you can learn from it. Podcasts in the last year have exploded and everybody is jumping on the bandwagon.When my new phone came in I saw the little podcast icon on my screen and wondered…can this change my life?

No really since the day I started listening on my way to work, my life has improved. From thinking about my future and how I can contribute to my society, to how I can be a better husband and father, to how the entrepreneur inside me can flourish.

The results are this blog, my eBook, and my fresh start with everything I will be doing going forward. I’m committed to taking bold steps, learn and grow.

My iPhone Podcasts

What I currently listen

In no particular order:

The challenge

Commit to a podcast on your commute to work, during a workout or downtime - improve yourself and improve those around you. Stop spending time on social media and really connect with those around you.

Final thoughts

I do expect this list to change overtime, this is currently what I listen but if you have a podcast recommendation I would love to hear it, send me a message at @imastrogiannis.

I hope you enjoyed this.

Written on November 16, 2014