How to build an ottoman

I little different that my usual posts but I guess I can do whatever when you own the blog.

Mr. Burns

This posts goes out to the DIYers, parents and pretty much anyone that wants to create their own unique piece. It’s a tutorial on how I created my own ottoman and saved hundreds by doing so.

How it begun

I’m a father and I wanted the best piece of furniture to protect the little one once those first steps started. We decided that furniture was a cushioning ottoman. So I began my research by reading tons of articles, comparing ready-made solutions or simply not doing anything.

An although there are a ton of tutorials out there, the one that stuck with me and helped me on this process was this one.

I followed their process to the dot with a few additions, and got some amazing results.

  1. Get the wood - two 2 X 6’s, make sure its straight.
  2. Get a particle board - enough to cover top and bottom.
  3. Have them cut to your specification - 40 inches each for the 2 X 6’s.
  4. Have them cut your board so that it covers your framed area.
  5. 10 wood screws long enough for the joint connections.
  6. 16 small screws for the particle board attachment to the frame - top and bottom.
  7. Electric screw driver.
  8. Electric saw.

Tip: Home depot does cuts for free up to 4 time. But before going into the store measure and write your dimensions down that way once you go in you know dimensions and your cuts.

Also bring a big car to fit all those pieces.

Putting this together

After I had all the items cut and into my garage I put the frame together without any screws, this is to get the basic idea of how big it will be and how it will look.

Basic Frame

You will notice that my particle board is slightly bigger, I did this on purpose because I wanted to be sure it’s not smaller than my frame. I later did cut it to specification using a saw.

Next up is adding the screws and connecting the bottom piece of the particle board to the frame. This honestly was the hardest part.

Basic Frame 2

After your have attached both bottom and top of the particle board you are ready to start shopping for fabric, foam and batting - all these where purchased from my local fabric store (Joann’s). They always have some type of 40% coupon on top of sales so you can get a good deal. I used 4 inch foam for my project and it’s perfect.

Frame with foam

Now you can actually attempt to tuff this baby by yourself but my skill level was not there yet, so I opt it by hiring a friend that does this - and well the end result was amazing….

Frame with foam

She even added matching buttons and the legs where purchased from Home depot.

The final price was ~$330, this included all material and the fee for the tufting - not bad if you ask me.

Final thoughts

Sometimes it feels doing nothing and procrastinating is the best option, but with anything else in life you need to take charge and do what you have to do. From building a piece of furniture to rocking those Excel spreadsheets at work to opening your own business, life is about decisions and those who dare - win!

I hope you enjoyed this.

Written on November 23, 2014